El gráfico muestra detalles de cómo vuela el prototipo de avión.


Avión de iones vuela sin partes móviles

November 23, 2018 - Un equipo de científicos en Massachusetts Institute of Technology voló
con éxito el primer avión sin partes móviles. La nave prototipo usa
propulsión de “viento iónico” que no crea emisiones

The flow of ions is produced aboard the plane and generates enough thrust to propel the plane over a sustained, steady flight, according to engineers.

Unlike turbine-powered planes, the aircraft does not depend on fossil fuels to fly. And unlike propeller-driven drones, the new design is completely silent.

The MIT airplane has a series of thin wires at the front that generate a powerful electric field. The field strips electrons from air molecules, turning the molecules into positively charged particles called ions. Those ions flow toward negatively charged parts of the plane, colliding with ordinary air molecules and transferring energy to them. That produces a wind that provides thrust for the plane.

PUBLISHED: 24/11/2018; STORY: Graphic News