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El gráfico muestra temas cruciales que conforman la relación entre Estados Unidos y Arabia Saudí.


La relación mutuamente dependiente de EUA y Arabia Saudí

October 18, 2018 - El presunto asesinato del prominente periodista saudí Jamal Khashoggi en Estambul causa tensiones en una relación de décadas basada
en intereses mutuamente dependientes.

President Donald Trump put a big and risky bet on Saudi Arabia and its 33-year-old crown prince. It's now become much riskier.

From the early days of his presidency, Trump and his foreign policy team embraced the kingdom and Mohammed bin Salman as the anchors of their entire Middle East strategy. From Iran and Iraq to Syria, Yemen and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the administration gambled that Saudi Arabia, effectively run by the prince, could credibly lead, and willingly pay for, a "Pax Arabica" in a part of the world from which Trump is keen to disengage.

For nearly two years, through an ongoing crisis with Qatar and international outrage over civilian casualties in the Saudi-led campaign against Yemeni rebels, the prince has managed to keep Washington's confidence. But now, the tide is turning amid growing outrage over the disappearance and likely death of a U.S.-based journalist inside a Saudi Consulate in Turkey, and that confidence appears to be waning. The Trump administration's grand strategy may be upended with far-reaching ramifications that extend well outside the region.

PUBLISHED: 19/10/2018; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Newscom, Associated Press