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AVIACIÓN: Gravity Jet Suit infographic
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“Iron Man de la vida real” volará en el Salón Aéreo de Farnborough Airshow

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July 16-22, 2018 -- El inventor y empresario británico Richard Browning y su equipo de Gravity Industries darán una demostración aérea del traje autopropulsado Gravity Jet Suit en el Salón Aéreo Internacional de Farnborough

The $250,000 Gravity Jet Suit has more horse power than a Formula 1 car. Small jet engines mounted on each arm and behind the suit’s back can produce 144kg of thrust to achieve vertical take-off and flight. Using his body as the airframe, Richard’s arms control speed, thrust and direction.

Former Royal Marine Reservist Richard Browning founded Gravity Industries in April 2017. Since then the company has grown rapidly and he entered the Guinness World Record books for the fastest speed in a body-controlled jet engine-powered suit In November 2017.

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