Israel-Hamas war sitrep day 56 infographic
Graphic shows situation report in Israel and Gaza.


Israel-Hamas war situation report day 56

By Phil Bainbridge

December 1, 2023 - Fighting in Gaza resumed shortly before the expiry of the 7-day ceasefire at 7am, with Israel’s Iron Dome intercepting a rocket launch from Gaza and Israeli airstrikes reportedly killing several people.

Israel said Hamas failed to provide a list of a further 10 hostages to be released as agreed in order to extend the truce by another 24 hours, and that the Palestinians launched rockets, intercepted near Sderot by the Iron Dome missile defence shortly before the truce expired. Hamas accused the Israelis violating the terms of the agreement by blocking the supply of fuel to northern Gaza.

International mediators Qatar, Egypt and the U.S. are continuing talks to try to rescue the ceasefire. Reports say an agreement had been made on Thursday for a further exchange but Hamas was unable to provide a list of 10 more women and children and called for different terms to release men and military personnel.

The IDF has called on residents of parts of Khan Younis to evacuate to Rafah in preparation for an expected attack

PUBLISHED: 01/12/2023; STORY: Graphic News