Israel-Hamas ceasefire extension (1) infographic
Graphic shows hostages released by Hamas from Gaza and Palestinian prisoners released by Israel.


Israel-Hamas ceasefire extension

By Phil Bainbridge

November 28, 2023 - The ceasefire in Gaza will be extended by 48 hours after Hamas agreed to free 20 more hostages, while Israel will release three Palestinian prisoners for each Israeli freed.

Hamas has released 50 Israelis during the truce with a further 19, mainly Thai workers also released, while four U.S. citizens were returned earlier in the month.

Israel submitted a list prior to the truce of 300 prisoners that could be released and has so far freed 150, 33 of them women and the remainder minors. Of an estimated 7,200 Palestinians in Israeli jails prior to the Hamas attack on October 7, 88 were women and 250 minors, predominantly teenage boys. A further 50 Palestinians have been added to the original list for possible release.

There are reports that there may have been isolated military action again in Gaza, possibly by Palestinian groups unaware that the ceasefire had been extended, but the truce is still holding. Some of the hostages are held by smaller Palestinian groups, complicating their return.

PUBLISHED: 28/11/2023; STORY: Graphic News