On this day October 8-14, 2023 (week 41) infographic
Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries on each day for the week.


On this day October 8-14, 2023 (week 41)

October 8, 2023 - October 14, 2023 - Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries on each day for the week. This week features the Kerch Strait bridge between mainland Russia and occupied Crimea, Formula 1 driver Max Verstappen, the Panama Canal, U.S. actress Angela Lansbury, Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh, “Beatlemania”, and Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane.

October 8, 2022: A massive explosion damaged the Kerch Strait bridge, the vital military and civilian supply link between mainland Russia and occupied Crimea

October 9, 2022: Max Verstappen clinched his second, consecutive Formula 1 title after dominating the Japanese Grand Prix in a race cut short by heavy rain

October 10, 1913: U.S. President Woodrow Wilson detonated explosives enabling the final stretch of the Panama Canal, linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, to be cleared

October 11, 2022: Angela Lansbury, a star of the Golden Age of Hollywood but latterly better known for the U.S. TV crime series Murder, She Wrote, died aged 96

October 12, 1823: Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh sold his first raincoat after patenting a waterproof fabric. The “mackintosh” as it was soon known, began production in 1824

October 13, 1963: “Beatlemania” was born when the Beatles appeared on the UK’s top variety show at the London Palladium, attracting thousands of screaming female fans

October 14, 2022: Versatile Scottish actor Robbie Coltrane, who won global fame as the genial giant Hagrid in the Harry Potter films, died from multiple organ failure at age 72

PUBLISHED: 25/09/2023; DESIGN: Phil Bainbridge; PICTURE RESEARCH: Julie Mullins; EVENT SELECTION: Fiona Roberts and Susan Shepherd; PROOFING: Julie Mullins; TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION: Fiona Roberts;; STORY: Julie Mullins; PICTURES: Getty Images, Newscom