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 Situation report day 562 infographic
Graphic shows situation report following day 562 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Russian invasion: Situation report day 562

By Phil Bainbridge

September 8, 2023 - NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said there is no evidence found of
deliberate Russian attack on Romania after drone debris was found near its Ukraine border, but stressed the risks posed by Russian air strikes in such close proximity to alliance territory.

The U.S. has denounced the Russian regional elections being held in the occupied territories of Ukraine as illegitimate, a criticism Russia has described as meddling in its internal affairs.

While a Russian offensive in Kupiansk has yielded no territorial gains, Ukrainian forces have advanced near Bakhmut and in western Zaporizhya Oblast, approaching the northwest outskirts of Verbove settlement. There are suggestions that upcoming Russian lines may be weaker than those already breached although the subsequent series of Russian defensive positions still pose significant challenges.

PUBLISHED: 08/09/2023; STORY: Graphic News