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 Russian glide bombs infographic
Graphic shows details of Russian glide bomb components.


Escalating threat from Russian glide bombs in Ukraine

August 30, 2023 - The extensive deployment by Russia of low-tech glide bombs in the ongoing Ukraine conflict has become a major concern for Ukrainian forces.

Early this year, Russia introduced guided bombs — essentially, the regular gravity bombs modified to be dropped by multirole fighter-bombers from safe distances and deal precise and very damaging strikes in front-line areas and beyond.

Along with the specifically designed sophisticated smart munitions, Russia has been using the modified version of simple 500kg air bombs that it has in vast numbers.

It poses an especially serious threat to Ukraine. By turning simple bombs into guided ones, Russia is unfolding a tactical weapon that is much cheaper, more massive, and more effective than cruise and ballistic missiles, the stockpile of which is largely depleted now, according to the Kyiv Independent.

PUBLISHED: 30/08/2023; STORY: Graphic News