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 Situation report day 530 infographic
Graphic shows situation report following day 530 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Russian invasion: Situation report day 530

By Phil Bainbridge

August 7, 2023 - President Zelensky praised U.S. Patriot and German IRIS-T air defence systems, after intercepting and downing a “significant number” of the 65 missiles and 178 assault drones launched by Russia in past week.

However, Russia destroyed a blood transfusion centre and claimed to have hit military airbases in the Khmelnytskyi and Rivne regions in the west of the country during a multi-wave assault.

Ukraine struck key road bridges at Chonhar and Henichesk linking Crimea to the mainland in a major blow to Russian logistics, forcing transport to the peninsula to use the western route n the M17 highway at Armyansk.

PUBLISHED: 07/08/2023; STORY: Graphic News