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 Around the world with Indiana Jones infographic
Graphic maps the travels of Indiana Jones from the first four movies.


The madcap, globetrotting adventures of Indiana Jones

By Ninian Carter

June 23, 2023 - Whip-cracking archaeologist, Indiana Jones, has travelled the world in four pulpy, action-packed movies. His fifth and final outing is out now in cinemas around the globe.

The Indiana Jones franchise, the brainchild of George Lucas, with creative input from Steven Spielberg, is a pulpy, action-packed series of adventures about a gutsy hero facing hammy villains in exotic locations around the world.

Set from 1935-1957, the first four movies see archaeologist Indy traversing the globe in search of fortune and glory, visiting countries like Peru, Nepal, Egypt, China, India, Italy, Austria, Germany and Hatay (now a province of Turkey).

The fifth and final film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny, is out now in cinemas around the world.

PUBLISHED: 23/06/2023; STORY: Graphic News