Situation report day 450 infographic
Graphic shows situation report following day 450 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Russian invasion: Situation report day 450

By Phil Bainbridge

May 19, 2023 - President Zelensky will attend the Hiroshima G7 summit in person to highlight Russian nuclear threats as leaders meet to discuss tightening the sanctions on Russia.

The Pentagon has revealed that it over-valued U.S. military aid to Kyiv by $3 billion in an accounting error, potentially clearing the way for a new increase in weapons shipments. Defence officials had calculated the value of military equipment provided from U.S. stockpiles as the replacement value rather than its original purchase value minus depreciation. The current overvaluation of $3bn is still an estimate and further investigations may reveal that the real figure is much higher.

The U.S. has provided military aid currently valued at $21.1bn, but the recalculation could allow the Biden administration to send additional weaponry without needing to seek additional funds from Congress.

PUBLISHED: 19/05/2023; STORY: Graphic News