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 Cheap exports threaten Europe’s farmers infographic
Graphic charts the problem with Ukraine’s cheap crop exports.


Cut-price Ukrainian grain angers European farmers

By Ninian Carter

April 25, 2023 - Several eastern European countries have banned grain imports from Ukraine after an influx of cut-price cereals left their own farmers unable to sell their produce.

Europe has been steadfastly solid in its support for Ukraine over the past year, but signs of friction are starting to show from an unexpected source.

An influx of cut-price cereals from Ukraine into Europe has upset the status quo, with farmers there unable to compete as the market becomes saturated and prices tumble.

In a bid to help their own farmers, countries bordering or close to Ukraine are banning grain imports from Ukraine for several months.

Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Bulgaria have all banned imports, with Romania mulling over the idea.

The situation came to rise after Russia blockaded Black Sea exports of Ukrainian agricultural goods, and the European Union stepped in to facilitate the export of goods to the EU and beyond via its roads, railways, and waterways.

PUBLISHED: 25/04/2023; STORY: Graphic News