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 Australia gunfight kills six infographic
Graphic shows where the shooting happened.


Six dead in remote Australian shooting

By Ninian Carter

December 13, 2022 - A six-hour siege at a remote Australian property ended with two police officers, a member of the public and three offenders shot dead.

Six people, two of them police officers, have been shot dead after an ambush at a remote Australian property.

Four police officers were searching for missing former school Principal Nathaniel Train in Wieambilla, northwest of Brisbane, when they were fired upon.

Two of the police officers were shot dead, with two others escaping.

The offenders then set fire to the surrounding scrub to try and flush out the two surviving police who were hiding there.

A neighbouring land owner arrived to investigate the fire and gunshots, and was also shot dead in cold blood.

After a six-hour stand-off, specialist police officers returned fire, killing two men, Nathaniel and Gareth Train, and a woman, Stacey Train – bringing the siege to an end.

Investigation into why the events unfolded are ongoing.

PUBLISHED: 13/12/2022; STORY: Graphic News