Royal symbols that will change infographic
Graphic shows icons of Queen Elizabeth II.


Royal symbols that will change

By Duncan Mil

September 9, 2022 - Queen Elizabeth II’s image and iconography are an intricate part of the fabric of national life in the UK and across the Commonwealth. Some things will quickly change, while others will take time.

Leading barristers have become King’s Counsel (KC) rather than Queen’s Counsel (QC) following the Queen’s death, the Bar Council has announced.

Bar Council chairman Mark Fenhalls used the KC initials in a statement issued after the Queen’s death at 96 on Thursday afternoon (September 8, 2022), saying the change was immediate.

Chief Justice Dame Helen Winkelmann announced the switch to King’s Counsels in New Zealand. Senior court announcements will now refer to “The King’s Judge”.

From the flags that fly outside police stations across the country to military “Queen’s colours,” the “EIIR” will need to be replaced. The royal standard -- the flag that flies wherever the monarch is in residence -- could also be modified to include a reference to Wales. The current version includes Scotland, Ireland and two representations for England.

Putting King Charles III’s portrait on more than four billion banknotes will take around two years, while coins will take longer.

Other icons will remain. Royal Mail postboxes bearing Queen Elizabeth’s cypher, ER, are unlikely to be removed -- postboxes with King George VI’s GR cypher remain in use today, seven decades later.

PUBLISHED: 09/09/2022; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images