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 Food insecurity for millions in Africa infographic
Graphic shows areas of food shortages.


Food insecurity for millions in Africa

By Phil Bainbridge

August 17, 2022 - A humanitarian disaster is unfolding in East Africa, which is in the grip of its worst drought in at least four decades. More than 80 million people from Mali to Somalia are food insecure.

A multi-season drought in East Africa, now entering its fifth year and with only 50% of the average rainfall this rainy season, has been compounded by a perfect storm of factors to plunge millions into hunger.

The ongoing conflict in the Sahel, with Boko Haram in west Africa and al-Shabab in the east has disrupted farming and aid distibution, a locust infestation is decimating crops in the Horn of Africa, while Covid and the war in Ukraine have hit supplies of food, fuel and fertiliser.

PUBLISHED: 17/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News