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 Situation report day 168 infographic
Graphic shows situation report following day 168 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Ukraine situation report day 168

By Phil Bainbridge

August 10, 2022 - Twelve explosions at a Russian airbase in Crimea, killing at least one person, have raised new question marks over Russia’s air defences, already in doubt after the sinking of the Moskva, although both sides are denying Ukrainian missiles were involved.

Russia’s Defence Ministry said there was a detonation of aviation munitions while others have speculated on the possibility of partisan activity. In President Zelensky’s nightly address, in which he didn’t mention the blasts, he said the war in Ukraine began with Crimea and must end with its liberation.

Ukraine’s nuclear power operator, Energoatom, warned that Russia appears to be preparing to redirect power from the plant to Crimea, with three of the four power lines connecting the plant to the Ukrainian grid now damaged.

PUBLISHED: 10/08/2022; STORY: Graphic News