Situation report day 134 infographic
Graphic shows situation report following day 134 of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.


Ukraine war situation report – day 134

By Phil Bainbridge

July 7, 2022 - Russia is making an “operational pause” to the war following the capture of Lysychansk, and with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov attending the G20 meeting in Bali. There were no claimed or identified Russian gains as forces prepare for an expected offensive on Donetsk Oblast.

Nevertheless, air and artillery attacks have continued on Slovyansk, Siversk and Bakhmut to set the conditions for a ground advance on the cities. However, Ukraine is preparing a likely counteroffensive in the south, with Russian positions near Kherson International Airport and an ammunition depot near the railway station hit.

PUBLISHED: 07/07/2022; STORY: Graphic News