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 Impact on Russian arms sales infographic
Graphic shows Russian arms exports by weapon type.


Russia’s poor performance in Ukraine could hurt arms sales

June 21, 2022 - Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has been a public relations disaster for the world’s second-largest weapons exporter, with high failure rates of precision-guided missiles and the loss of flagship cruiser Moskva.

Russia’s armoured vehicles turned out to be too lightly armoured, while tanks have been vulnerable to missiles landing from above, according to Bloomberg.

Add in questions around competitiveness and the supply difficulties that lie ahead – between sanctions and Russia’s urgent need to replace its lost equipment – and the export picture is grim. Given just how much security ties matter in Moscow’s friendships, the diplomatic implications could create an opening that the U.S. and its allies should seize, Bloomberg said.

PUBLISHED: 21/06/2022; STORY: Graphic News