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Graphics shows timeline of noteworthy cyberattacks against Russia.


“Anonymous” hackers cause chaos across Russia

By Ninian Carter

March 22, 2022 - Russia, no stranger to cyberwarfare, has come under a barrage of cyberattacks from Anonymous “hacktivists” since its invasion of Ukraine.

“Anonymous”, a global network of vigilante computer hackers, has been targeting Russia since February 24, when President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian armed forces to invade Ukraine.

Since then the group has targeted government institutions, state-controlled media, banks, businesses and just about anything linked to Russia – its stand out moment being when it successfully hacked Russian TV networks, forcing channels to air images of bombs exploding in Ukraine and soldiers talking about the horrors of conflict.

Anonymous claims it has also taken down or defaced Russian websites, stolen government data (and published it online), corrupted databases and sent more than 30 million anti-Putin text messages to Russian cell phones.

Altogether the attacks have caused disruption and embarrassment to Russian authorities and in some cases almost caused physical harm, as was the case when the Russian Linux terminal and gas control system in North Ossetia was hacked, almost triggering an explosion.

Cybersecurity firm, Security Discover, confirms the success of Anonymous’ hacking claims. In a random sampling of 100 Russian databases, it found 92 to have been compromised.

Vigilante hacker groups in Russia are retaliating with attacks on Ukraine, but President Biden warns that Russia may resort to cyberattacks against the U.S. in response to increasingly damaging sanctions.

PUBLISHED: 22/03/2022; STORY: Graphic News