On this day November 28 - December 4, 2021 (week 48) infographic
Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries on each day for the week.


On this day November 28 - December 4, 2021 (week 48)

November 28, 2021 - December 4, 2021 - Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features the assassination of the prime minister of Jordan, the first commercially successful video game Pong, the formation of EMI (Electrical and Musical Industries), the first patent for hydroponics - growing plants without soil, the creation of th United Arab Emirates, the Segway electric-powered scooter and the airline Pan Am

November 28, 1971: The prime minister of Jordan, Wasfi Tell, was shot dead by Black September terrorists in Cairo, Egypt

November 29,1972: Pong, the first commercially successful video game, was launched by Atari. It was based on table tennis and featured simple two-dimensional graphics

November 30, 1931: HMV (His Master’s Voice), with its famous logo of a dog listening to a gramophone, and Columbia Records merged to form EMI (Electrical and Musical Industries)

December 1, 1936: A first U.S. patent was issued for the soiless culture of plants, now called hydroponics. Plants are grown with roots suspended in water containing mineral nutrients

December 2, 1971: The United Arab Emirates came into being, comprising the former Trucial states of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Fujairah

December 3, 2001: The Segway, a self-balancing, electric-powered scooter, was unveiled. It was predicted to revolutionise traffic-clogged cities but this proved over-optimistic

December 4, 1991: U.S. airline Pan Am, founded in 1927, was forced to close. Its innovations shaped the global airline industry, including the widespread use of jet aircraft

PUBLISHED: 14/11/2021; DESIGN: Phil Bainbridge; PICTURE RESEARCH: Julie Mullins; EVENT SELECTION: Fiona Roberts and Susan Shepherd; PROOFING: Julie Mullins; TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION: Fiona Roberts;; STORY: Julie Mullins; PICTURES: Newscom, Getty, Associated Press