Graphic compares the different "One" subscription plan costs with Spotify's music streaming fees.


Apple launches controversial “One” services plan

By Ninian Carter

November 3, 2020 - Apple has launched its “One” subscription plan which bundles key services, including Apple Music, into one cost-effective package – much to the ire of streaming rival Spotify.

Two months after Apple revealed its "One" subscription package, it has finally arrived.

Apple One bundles together six of its subscription apps into one single, cheaper subscription. Good news for users, not so much for rival services such as Spotify.

The bundle includes Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade, iCloud, Apple News+ and the upcoming Apple Fitness+ workout streaming app.

With so many useful, even indispensable, apps rolled into one package, it's likely going to be popular, especially for customers with all those apps already who could save up to $25 a month.

But in doing so, Apple is drawing the ire of developers of rival services who do not have the power or cash of Apple, and who simply cannot compete with them at this level.

In September, on first hearing of the upcoming new subscription service, Spotify issued an antitrust complaint, accusing Apple of abusing its power. It fears Apple One is too attractive for customers to decline, with many Spotify users likely to switch to Apple Music.

It remains to be seen what damaging effect Apple One will have on Spotify's market share and indeed those of other music streaming vendors like Amazon and YouTube.

PUBLISHED: 03/11/2020; STORY: Graphic News