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 September 2020 infographic
Graphic shows news events in September 2020. An interactive version of this graphic is also produced each month.


World events scheduled for September

By Duncan Mil

September 1, 2020 - September 30, 2020 - Each month Graphic News publishes a World Agenda of forthcoming events that will shape the world in the month ahead. Events in September include Julian Assange’s extradition hearing, charges over the death of George Floyd and the first presidential debate between Donald Trump and his rival, Joe Biden.

Sep 1, Monaco: Marathoners and race walkers begin qualifying for the Tokyo Olympics.

Sep 2-12, Italy: Venice International Film Festival.

Sep 7-14, United States: Boston Marathon goes virtual.

Sep 7, United Kingdom: WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is due to appear for a full extradition hearing in London.

Sep 10-19, Canada: Toronto International Film Festival.

Sep 10-14, Austria: OPEC marks its 60th birthday.

Sep 11, United States: Hearing for the four former police officers facing charges over the death of George Floyd.

Sep 12-13, Canada: Airshow London in Ontario.

Sep 12-13, Monaco: Princess Charlene of Monacoto cycle 180km in 24 hours on the Mediterranean.

Sep 15-22, United Nations: 75th session of the UN General Assembly.

Sep 15, United States: First phase of a new hub airport opens in Salt Lake City.

Sep 16-Dec 26, United Kingdom & United States: The Mayflower set sail 400 years ago from Plymouth, England, for the New World.

Sep 18, Switzerland: 70th FIFA Congress.

Sep 20-21, France: Auction of heritage furniture to raise funds for hospitals.

Sep 24, United States: Sixty years ago, Richard Nixon squared off against John F. Kennedy in the first televised presidential debate.

Sep 27-Oct 11, France: Rescheduled French Open tennis tournament.

Sep 29, United States: Donald Trump and Joe Biden meet in the first of three presidential debates.

Sep 30, United States: U.S. Census to be completed.

Sep, United Kingdom: Trial data for the Oxford University-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine is expected.

Sep, Egypt: Possible transfer of 22 royal pharaonic mummies to the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization.

PUBLISHED: 26/08/2020; STORY: Newsahead, Julie Mullins; PICTURES: Associated Press, Getty Images