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 On this day August 30 - September 05, 2020 (week 36) infographic
Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries on each day for the week.


On this day August 30 - September 05, 2020 (week 36)

August 30, 2020 - September 5, 2020 - Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features Mount McKinley in Alaska, the death of Diana, Princess of Wales, the Hurricane Dorian, the end of World War II, the Italian racing driver Nino Farina, Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova and movie star Raquel Welch

August 30, 2015: North America’s highest peak, Mount McKinley in Alaska, reverted to its traditional name of Denali, meaning “the high one” in the native Athabaskan language

August 31, 1997: Diana, Princess of Wales, her friend Dodi Fayed and their driver were killed in a high-speed car crash in Paris while being pursued by paparazzi photographers

September 1, 2019: Hurricane Dorian slammed into the Bahamas. The Category 5 storm hit the Abaco Islands before stalling over Grand Bahama, with damage estimated at $3.4bn

September 2, 1945: Japanese leaders signed the act of unconditional surrender which ended World War II, aboard the battleship USS Missouri, moored in Tokyo Bay

September 3, 1950: Italian racing driver Nino Farina, driving an Alfa Romeo Straight-8, won the first ever Formula One world championship at the Monza Grand Prix

September 4, 1970: Russian ballerina Natalia Makarova defected to the West while the Kirov Ballet was on tour. She is pictured with Rudolf Nureyev, who defected in 1961

September 5, 1940: Curvaceous movie star Raquel Welch, famous for her bikini-clad role in One Million Years BC, was born in Chicago as Jo-Raquel Tejada. She turns 80 today

PUBLISHED: 17/08/2020; DESIGN: Phil Bainbridge; PICTURE RESEARCH: Julie Mullins; EVENT SELECTION: Fiona Roberts and Susan Shepherd; PROOFING: Julie Mullins; TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION: Fiona Roberts;STORY: Julie Mullins; PICTURES: Newscom, Getty, Associated Press