Graphic shows near complete result of Poland’s presidential election, and support by district.


Near final results show Polish president Duda wins second term

July 13, 2020 - Poland’s conservative President Andrzej Duda won a narrow majority in a bitterly fought weekend election, defeating liberal Warsaw mayor Rafal Trzaskowski, according to a near complete count of votes.

Duda’s supporters celebrated what they saw as a clear mandate from voters for him and the right-wing ruling party that backs him, Law and Justice, to continue on a path that has reduced poverty but raised concerns that democracy is under threat.

Critics and human rights groups expressed concerns that Duda’s victory would boost illiberal tendencies not only at home but also within the EU, which has struggled to halt an erosion of rule of law in Hungary under Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

The state electoral commission said Duda had 51.21% of the vote based on a count of votes from 99.97% districts. Trzaskowski trailed with 48.79% of the vote.

Final results, expected later Monday, could vary slightly, but Duda’s lead appeared unassailable.

The very close race reflected the deep cultural divisions in this European Union nation.

It followed a bitter campaign dominated by issues of culture in which the government, state media and the influential Catholic church all mobilised in support of Duda, a social conservative, and sought to stoke fears of Jews, LGBT people and Germans.

PUBLISHED: 13/07/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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