Graphic shows coronavirus cases in Italy by regions and key emergency measures in place.


All of Italy under lockdown as coronavirus spreads

By Jordi Bou

March 10, 2020 - More than 60 million people are under lockdown after the Italian government placed the entire country under quarantine in an attempt to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

Two days after imposing the same strict measures on a quarter of the country, in the hard-hit north, Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte urged all 60 million Italians to stay home. The only travel allowed will be for proven work reasons, for health conditions or other cases of necessity.

The nationwide restrictions take effect Tuesday until April 3 and include extending the closures of schools and universities and closing pubs, eateries and cafes at dusk.

Italy registered 1,807 more confirmed cases as of Monday evening, for a national total of 9,172. The number of dead in Italy also increased by 97 to 463 — most of them elderly with previous ailments.

Over 9,000 people have become infected in Italy in little over two weeks, out of a global total of more than 113,000 in over 100 countries. Nearly 4,000 people have died across the world, the vast majority in mainland China.

PUBLISHED: 10/03/2020; STORY: Graphic News
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