Graphic shows market share of the three main streaming services, with details on the various sound qualities available to listeners.


Amazon’s new lossless audio streaming

By Ninian Carter

September 19, 2019 - Amazon Music has become the first of the big three streaming services – the others being Spotify and Apple Music – to offer CD-quality audio.

Amazon Music HD costs $15 a month – $5 more than its standard streaming service, Amazon Music – and will use the lossless 16bit/24bit audio format FLAC to deliver CD quality audio to subscribers. Until now, Amazon only streamed music in compressed formats like MP3 and AAC.

The three major record labels – Universal, Sony and Warner – have all signed up to the move to higher quality audio, once the preserve of audiophiles, but perhaps now gaining mass market appeal.

The announcement comes a week before Amazon unveils its latest hardware, which is expected to include a new model of Echo speaker.

PUBLISHED: 19/09/2019; STORY: Graphic News
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