Graphic shows history of the Webb Ellis Cup, presented to the winners of the Rugby World Cup.


History of Rugby’s biggest prize

By Chris Dinsdale

September 20, 2019 - November 2, 2019 - The Rugby World Cup takes place in Japan, where 20 teams will compete for the Webb Ellis Cup, one of the most iconic trophies in sport.

The silver gilt cup was made in 1906, a copy of an 18th century original, and was stored in a vault at London jewellers Garrard’s until it was chosen as the trophy for the inaugural Rugby World Cup in 1987.

It is named after William Webb Ellis, who picked up a football and ran with it during a match at Rugby School in 1823 - an incident credited as the birth of rugby football.

New Zealand have won the trophy three times, most recently in 2015 - a victory that moved them ahead of Australia and South Africa who have each won the tournament twice. England remain the only northern hemisphere team to have hoisted the trophy, in 2003.

PUBLISHED: 05/09/2019; STORY: Graphic News