On this day May 26 - June 1, 2019 (week 22) infographic
Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries on each day for the week.


On this day May 26 - June 1, 2019 (week 22)

By Julie Mullins

May 26, 2019 - June 1, 2019 - Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features the Frisbee, Dragon Quest, the Millau viaduct in France, the capture of Constantinople, pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, the imposition of tariffs on steel imported into the U.S., and The Doomsday Clock.

May 26, 1959: A U.S. toy company registered the trade mark Frisbee for its flying disc, the nickname adopted because of its similarity to dishes used by the Frisbie Pie Company

May 27, 1986: Dragon Quest, credited as the original model for role-playing video games, was released in Japan. The 11th and newest title in the series was released in 2017

May 28, 2004: The last span of the Millau viaduct in France, the world’s highest road bridge, was completed. It soars 270m above the River Tarn

May 29, 1453: An Ottoman army commanded by 21-year-old Sultan Mehmed II captured Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire, after a 53-day siege

May 30, 1989: Pro-democracy protesters in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square erected a 10m styrofoam statue, the Goddess of Democracy, as a symbol of their ongoing struggle

May 31, 2018: U.S. President Donald Trump imposed tariffs of 25% on steel and 10% on aluminium imports from key allies in Europe and North America

June 1, 1947: The Doomsday Clock, intended to show how close humanity was to catastrophic destruction, first appeared on the cover of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists

PUBLISHED: 13/05/2019; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Newscom, Getty, Associated Press
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