Graphic shows jihadist areas of operation and influence in 2018.


Fight against jihadists shifting to Africa

By Mike Tyler

March 5, 2019 - As the United States and its partners wind down operations against the so-called Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq and look to withdraw from Afghanistan, the focus of global jihadist activity is shifting to Africa.

With less need for counterterrorism resources in the Middle East or Afghanistan, Africa’s militant movements are likely to come more onto the radar of external powers, as well as become a magnet for foreign fighters, according to U.S. security thinktank Stratfor.

The United States has been particularly active in the Horn of Africa, using its base in Djibouti to support operations against al-Shabaab and IS militants in Somalia.

In West Africa, the U.S. military’s Africa Command (AFRICOM) has continued to develop regional logistical capabilities that indicate a longer-term commitment to supporting counterterrorism operations there.

PUBLISHED: 06/03/2019; STORY: Graphic News
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