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HISTORY: On this day February 10-16, 2019 (week 07) infographic

On this day February 10-16, 2019

Graphic News

February 10-16, 2019 -- Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features child star Shirley Temple, Einstein’s gravitational waves, George Gershwin, Nelson Mandela’s release from jail, La Marseillaise, the foundation of St Louis and Fidel Castro.

February 10, 2014: Shirley Temple, the child star who charmed Depression-era moviegoers, died aged 85. In later life she became U.S. ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia

February 11, 2016: Scientists announced they had finally detected gravitational waves, the ripples in the fabric of space-time that Einstein predicted a century ago

February 12, 1924: In New York, George Gershwin played his haunting composition Rhapsody In Blue for the first time in public. It established his reputation as a serious composer

February 13, 1990: Nelson Mandela, newly released from jail, received a hero’s welcome on his return to Soweto, pledging to end “the dark hell of apartheid” in South Africa

February 14, 1879: La Marseillaise was restored as France’s national anthem. It was written in 1792 by Claude Joseph Rouget De Lisle to rally soldiers to defend their homeland

February 15, 1764: French explorers Pierre Laclède and Auguste Chouteau founded the city of St Louis, gateway to the American west, on the west bank of the Mississippi river

February 16, 1959: Fidel Castro was sworn in as prime minister of Cuba after heading up a guerrilla campaign that forced right-wing dictator Fulgencio Batista into exile

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