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HISTORY: On this day January 13-19, 2019 (week 03) infographic

On this day January 13-19, 2019

Graphic News

January 13-19, 2019 -- Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features the 2011 foot and mouth livestock epidemic, the freezing of the River Thames in London, the ditching of a passenger aircraft into the River Hudson, the exile of the Shah of Iran, the cartoon character Popeye, Ukraine and Russia, and the patent for neon signs.

January 13, 2011: South Korea confirmed that over $1 billion worth of livestock, including 12 percent of all pigs, had been lost due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease

January 14, 1814: The last Frost Fair was held on London’s River Thames

January 15, 2009: A U.S. Airways A320 with 155 people on board ditched into the Hudson River after striking a flock of birds shortly after take-off from New York’s LaGuardia Airport

January 16, 1979: The Shah of Iran was forced into exile following a revolution that ushered in an Islamic republic

January 17, 1929: Popeye first appeared as a minor character in an American newspaper cartoon strip

January 18, 1654: Ukrainian Cossack leader Bohdan Khmelnytsky accepted the Muscovite Tsar as overlord, thus uniting Ukraine with Russia

January 19, 1915: French physicist Georges Claude patented the neon sign

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