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HEALTH: Global obesity crisis infographic
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Obesity – a burgeoning global crisis

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September 13, 2018 -- More than one in two adults and nearly one in six children are overweight or obese in the 36-nation OECD area, with obesity rates in America topping 38 per cent, a new report reveals.

The OECD Obesity Update reports that the burgeoning obesity epidemic has spread further in the past five years, although at a slower pace than before. Despite this, new projections show a continuing increase of obesity in all studied countries. Social disparities in obesity persist and have increased in some countries.

In the last few years, new policy strategies devised to fight obesity have emerged, in particular by improving nutrient information displayed on food labels, using social and new media to sensitise the population, or by regulating the marketing of food products.

The OECD says better communication helps empower people to make healthier choices. However, comprehensive policy packages, including not only communication but also broader regulatory and fiscal policies, are needed to tackle obesity effectively.

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