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POLITICS: Preparing Trump-Kim summit (1) infographic

Trump-Kim summit defies diplomatic playbook

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June 12, 2018 -- U.S. and North Korean officials are working overtime to put the final touches to the historic summit between President Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

Security will be a top priority. Both leaders will bring their own personal security teams, while elite Singaporean police – including Nepalese Gurkhas – will be in charge of security on roads and at the five-star Capella Hotel, the venue for the summit.

Negotiations between two sides include the seating position at the table, the layout of the room, and who is allowed in the room with them.

Other protocols negotiated include how many steps each leader should take before stopping for cameras.

The height difference – Kim is 1.70m (5ft 7in), Trump is 1.88m (6ft 2in) – may prompt North Koreans to insist the pair be seated when cameras are present.

Both sides are negotiating whether flags from both countries will appear in any official pictures from the summit.

More than 3,000 journalists from around the world registered to attend event.

Agreeing a satisfactory menu will be tricky as Trump is
a non-drinker who favours burgers while Kim enjoys wine and noodles.

Also, intense discussions are underway over who will pay for Kim’s preferred $6,000 room at high-end Fullerton Hotel. The U.S., Singapore and the anti-nuclear campaign group ICAN have agreed to contribute.

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