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MILITARY: Russian Uran-9 robot tank infographic
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Russia showcases robot tank in WW2 victory parade

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May 9, 2018 -- Russia has unveiled a new remote-controlled tank alongside other advanced weaponry at its Victory Day parade in Moscow. The Uran-9 has already seen action in Syria’s civil war, according to Russian claims.

The unmanned vehicle is armed with a 30mm automatic cannon, Ataka anti-tank guided missiles and a 7.62mm machine gun, and can also carry Igla surface-to-air missiles to deal with aerial threats.

An onboard fire control system allows the robot to detect and track targets itself, but the decision to fire is taken by a commander sitting in an armoured truck up to 3km away.

The Uran-9 is not designed to replace main battle tanks such as the T-90 or T-14 Armata, but is instead intended for remote reconnaissance and fire support for counter-terrorism units.

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