Each tracker shows live statistics updated during a match (possession, shots on target, saves and fouls against) with a timeline giving the highlights as they happen (goals, yellow or red cards, substitutions), plus - before the match - the squad and head-to-head statistics from previous encounters. The matchtrackers for all matches are included within the World Cup Tournament Guide


FIFA World Cup 2018 Matchtrackers

By Phil Bainbridge

June 14, 2018 - July 15, 2018 - The 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia kicks off on June 14, where 32 national teams compete in a total of 64 matches at 12 venues in football’s showpiece tournament.

Trackers for every match show live statistics during the match (possession, shots on target, saves and fouls against) with a timeline during the match showing giving the highlights (goals, yellow or red cards, substitutions). Before the match the team squad and head-to-head statistics are shown. On the matchday team selections and formations are shown.

Publishers: This Matchtracker can be configures to show different matches depending on the eventD used with the embed code url. A key to the eventID is available as a downloadable text file. Licensed publishers may also make a downloadable web app available so their mobile readers can return quickly to a page to get the latest results or to follow a match.

PUBLISHED: 15/06/2018; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty / Associated Press
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