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HISTORY: On this day April 29-May 05 2018 (week 18) infographic

On this day April 29-May 05 2018

Graphic News

April 29-May 5, 2018 -- Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features the Flying Scotsman locomotive, King Hussein of Jordan, riots in Paris, the division of territory in the New World, the world’s first liver transplant, the rock musical Hair and the coronation of Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands

April 30, 2013: Crown Prince Willem-Alexander became King of the Netherlands following the abdication of Queen Beatrix. He was the country’s first king since 1890

May 1, 1928: The Flying Scotsman made its first non-stop journey from London to Edinburgh, at that time the longest non-stop service by any locomotive in the world

May 2, 1953: King Hussein of Jordan succeeded to the throne. He ruled until his death in 1999, and was the second Arab head of state to recognise Israel

May 3, 1968: Students and police clashed violently at the start of a month of riots and strikes in Paris which brought the entire economy of France to a virtual halt

May 4, 1493: Pope Alexander VI, the Spaniard Rodrigo Borgia, reconfirmed the rights of the Spanish crown in the New World, following the finds of Christopher Columbus in 1492

May 5, 1963: U.S. physician Thomas Starzl carried out the world’s first human liver transplant in Denver. The patient, a 48-year-old man, survived for 22 days

May 6, 1968: Hair, the first “rock musical”, opened on Broadway. A product of the hippy counterculture of the time, its use of profanity and nudity was hugely controversial

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