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BUSINESS: Scandal threat to Oxfam funding infographic
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Scandal threat to Oxfam funding

Graphic News

February 13, 2018 -- Oxfam GB is under threat of losing its British government funding over allegations of sexual misconduct by senior aid workers in Haiti and Chad. Oxfam GB is one of 19 affiliates in Oxfam International.

• 2006: Oxfam workers in Chad allegedly hire prostitutes for sex at homes funded by the charity.

• 2010: Senior aid workers pay for sex in Haiti in the wake of the devastating earthquake while the charity is delivering aid.

• 2011: An internal investigation is launched leading to the dismissal of seven individuals

• Aug 2011: Oxfam informs the Charity Commission that it has launched an internal investigation related to inappropriate sexual behaviour, bullying, harassment and the intimidation of staff.

• Oct 2011: Oxfam informs the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) that it has launched an investigation over “sexual misconduct,” but it allegedly does not reveal that the allegations could have related to underage girls or prostitutes.

• Feb 9, 2018: The Times alleges that Oxfam covered up the misconduct. The newspaper reports that “children may have been among those sexually exploited by aid workers.”

• Feb 10: DFID says the charity did not inform them in full of the nature of the investigation. International Development Secretary Penny Mordaunt criticised the “horrific” behaviour and threatens to withdraw government funding if it does not comply fully with authorities.

• Feb 12: Former head of global safeguarding at Oxfam, Helen Evans, says she encountered allegations of rape, harassment and sex in exchange for aid handouts when she was working for the charity. Oxfam’s deputy chief executive, Penny Lawrence, resigns.

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