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HISTORY: On this day March 4-10, 2018 (week 10) infographic

On this day March 4-10, 2018

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March 4-10, 2018 -- Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features professional tennis at Wimbledon, Hugo Chavez, La Traviata, the Russian Communist Party, Johannes Keple, kissing in public, and the impeachment of Park Geun-hye, president of South Korea

March 4, 1968: Wimbledon agreed to admit professional players that summer. Rod Laver and Billie Jean King would become the first open era champions at the Championships

March 5, 2013: Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez died from cancer at age 58. Re-elected three times, the left-wing leader thrived on confrontation with Washington

March 6, 1853: The premiere of Verdi’s opera La Traviata, about a doomed love affair between a consumptive courtesan and a young gentleman, was staged in Venice

March 7, 1918: The Bolsheviks changed their name to the Russian Communist Party at the first congress held after they gained power in the October Revolution

March 8, 1618: Johannes Kepler discovered the third law of planetary motion, the last of his three scientific laws describing the motion of planets around the sun

March 9, 1562: Kissing in public was banned in Naples on penalty of death. The ban was less about morality than an attempt to curtail the spread of disease during a plague epidemic

March 10, 2017: Park Geun-hye became the first elected president of South Korea to be forced from office, after judges upheld her impeachment over a corruption scandal

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