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HISTORY: On this day February 18-24, 2018 (week 08) infographic

On this day February 18-24, 2018

Graphic News

February 18-24, 2018 -- Graphics show birthdays and anniversaries for each day of the week. This week features 3D films, Edison’s phonograph, Skater Tara Lipinski, the Communist Manifesto, popcorn, the lease of Guantanamo Bay and nylon tooth brushes

February 18, 1953: Bwana Devil, the first feature-length 3D film made in colour, opened in New York, heralding the first 3D film craze in the motion picture industry

February 19, 1878: Thomas Edison patented the phonograph, in which a large horn transmitted vibrations to a needle that scribed a recording onto a cylinder rotated by hand

February 20, 1998: U.S. skater Tara Lipinski, aged 15, became the youngest-ever Olympic figure skating champion when she won the gold medal in Nagano, Japan

February 21, 1848: Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels published the Communist Manifesto, an analysis of the class struggle and the problems of capitalism

February 22, 1630: English colonists in America first tasted popcorn, kernels of corn that “pop” when heated over a flame, and known to Native Americans for over 1,000 years

February 23, 1903: In the aftermath of the Spanish-American War, U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt signed an agreement with Cuba to lease the military post at Guantanamo Bay

February 24, 1938: The first nylon bristle tooth brush went on sale. It rapidly replaced hogs hair, the oldest known example being from the Chinese Tang Dynasty (619-907)

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