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President Trump's job approval after six months

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July 17, 2017 -- Six months into his presidency fewer than four in 10 of Americans (38 percent) approve of the way Donald Trump is handling the job, down from 42 percent at the 100-day mark in April, according to Gallup daily polling.

The previous worst approval rating after half a year in the White House was 39 percent, given to Gerald Ford in 1975.

It usually has taken U.S. presidents hundreds of days before they reach a majority disapproval rating – with Bill Clinton lasting a record 573 days before more than 50 percent of Americans disapproved of his presidency.

It took Trump just eight days for him to gain a majority disapproval rating, according to Gallup, with 51 percent of Americans saying they disapproved of the President on January 28, 2017.

Link to Gallup daily polls

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