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Interactive guide Premier League guide 2017-18 with live results

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August 12, 2017-May 20, 2018 -- English Premier League football season.

Responsive interactive graphic shows fixtures, live results, league table, team details and matchtrackers of every match in the Premier League.

Matchtrackers show historical head-to-head statistics, tactical line-ups, live scores, with live match statistics and key events in the match automatically updated.

Selection of the Fixture button (top right hand side) shows the dates of all the fixture. Matchtrackers can be selected from the fixture table or from the latest list on the front page.

Editors: This graphic can be configured to show a particular matchtracker by adding the EventD to the embed code. Event ID are given in the downloadable text file. For instructions on how to use embed code go to

Publishers licensed to use this graphic, may make a downloadable “web app” available to their readers. All the reader has to do on their mobile phone is bookmark the page the graphic is published on, and save the “bookmark” to the front view. The “app” icon is then visible on their mobile phone so whenever they want to see the latest results all they have to do is click on the icon. As the app is a bookmark, this is also a convenient link back to the publishers website to see the corresponding editorial coverage. For instructions on how to make a web app:

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