Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine infographic
Graphic shows specifications of the Yasen-class submarine.


Yasen-class nuclear attack submarine

By Jordi Bou

April 5, 2017 - Russia has floated its newest nuclear-powered multipurpose attack submarine. The launch of Kazan, considered a counterpart to U.S. Seawolf and Virginia-class, comes as Moscow claims its submarine fleet has increased combat patrols to levels last seen during the Cold War.

The Kazan is the first upgraded Project 885M Yasen-class attack submarine.

Equipped eight vertical missile launchers, it can deliver Kalibr or Oniks antiship and land-attack cruise missiles – particularly significant after Russian ships and submarines fired long-range missiles from the Caspian and the Black Sea into Syria in 2016.

For the first time in Russian shipbuilding, the torpedo tubes are located not in the bow but just forward of the sail or fin, making room for a large Irtysh-Amfora spherical sonar system in the bow.

The Yasen subs also have six 650mm and two 533mm torpedo tubes that can also deploy mines and launch underwater drones.

Latest TASS report on Project 885

Russia plans to build a total of seven Project 885M submarines.

PUBLISHED: 05/04/2017; STORY: Graphic News