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Cassini Saturn mission in epic “Grand Finale”

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April 22, 2017 -- NASA’s Cassini spacecraft enters the final stages of its remarkable exploration of Saturn with a series of 22 dives between the planet and the inner edge of its rings. The 20-year mission ends in September, when the probe will burn up in Saturn’s atmosphere

Cassini has been orbiting Saturn since June 2004, studying the planet, its rings and its moons.

Link to NASA’s Cassini page

A final close flyby of Saturn's moon Titan on April 22 will reshape the Cassini spacecraft's orbit to begin the sweeps through the unexplored gap between the rings. The first of these dives is planned for April 26. Following these closer-than-ever encounters with the giant planet, Cassini will make a mission-ending plunge into Saturn's upper atmosphere on September 15.

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