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RUGBY: Six Nations 2017 schedule infographic




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Six Nations 2017 schedule

Graphic News

February 4-March 18, 2017 -- The Six Nations Championship, the northern hemisphere’s premier rugby union tournament, gets underway. Reigning Grand Slam champions England will begin their campaign against France at Twickenham, hoping to continue their remarkable 13-match unbeaten streak of 2016. Elsewhere, opening weekend fixtures will see Scotland clash with Ireland at Murrayfield, and Italy take on Wales at the Stadio Olimpico.

The main contenders for this year’s competition look to be England, who won all 13 of their matches in 2016, former champions Ireland, who secured a victory over the World Champions the All Blacks (New Zealand) for the first time in their history in Chicago, in doing so ending New Zealand’s record 18 match unbeaten run and Wales, who have a strong recent record in this competition winning back to back championships in 2012 and 2013.

This year a new bonus point system is set to be used. For the team that wins the match they are awarded four points. If they score four tries or more in the process of winning a match however, they receive five points. The nation that loses the match receive no points, however if they score four tries or more in the process of losing, or lose by a margin of seven points or less they are awarded two points. Finally if there is a draw between the teams they are each given two points with a further point if either of them score four tries or more.

The Six Nations championship, originally referred to as the Home International Championship, was formed in 1883 and comprised the “home” nations of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. It became the Six Nations Championship when France and Italy joined, in 1910 and 2000 respectively.

The tournament is played every year and each team plays every other team once over five weekends.
(Story: Adam Stephens)

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