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Premier League guide 2015-16

Graphic News

August 8, 2015-May 15, 2016 -- English Premier League football season. Responsive interactive graphic shows fixtures, live results, league table, team details and matchtrackers of every match in the Premier League. Matchtrackers show head-to-head statistics, live scores, team lineups, match statistics and times of key events in the match automatically updated.

This is a mobile-friendly, responsive interactive graphic with live results and statistics. This uses a new technique developed by Graphic News - Rather than scaling the graphic to fit into displays of different windows the design of the graphic is fully responsive. If you use the iframe code supplied by Graphic News, adjust the px width dimensions to suit your page (leave the height and the scale factor). The graphic will then re-size on your page appropriately.

Graphic includes the following sections: -

Latest (front page): This shows latest Premier League table and upcoming fixtures. Click on any fixture to see the matchtracker for that fixture (see below). On the Premier League table, click on any team to shows its history, upcoming fixtures and/ current squad. If you use the iframe code, you can also show a particular team on the initial page by inserting the appropriate three-letter team name, e.g. match=ARS (see Fixture calendar for names).

Fixture calendar: Interactive calendar grid showing fixtures by date before the match and results after. Click on the individual fixture to view a matchtracker of the game.

Matchtrackers: Details for every match of the season: Match preview shows details of each squad, and previous head-to head wins and goals. Live match coverage shows timeline of match events and statistics (goals, substitutions, possession, shots on target, saves and fouls) as they happen. If you use the iframe code, you can also show a particular match on the initial page by inserting the appropriate MatchID.

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