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MAP: Globe Locator map kit infographic

World Agenda Locator kit for

Graphic News

February 25, 2014 -- Graphic is a kit used to generate locator globes for World Agenda interactive graphic GN31300.

INSTRUCTIONS for using Globe Locator kit

Step 1. Choose an appropriate globe from the existing collection. If the story relates to an event in space, choose one of the other icons provided
(Moon, Mars, or Universe)

Step 2. Lock the ‘Pin Layer’. Unlock the ‘Globe Layer’ and select all (Command A)

Step 3. Move all selected objects 350 points as many times as necessary so that the appropriate globe sits inside the boundaries of the document

Step 4. Lock the ‘Globe Layer’. Unlock the ‘Pin Layer’, and move the pin to the correct location on the globe

Step 5. Save file to PNG format by pressing (Command Alt Shift). (Story: Newsahead, Kate Edgley)

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