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The Battle of Arnhem anniversary infographic
Graphic originally produced for the 50th anniversary shows Arnhem and surrounding area and explains key stages of six-day battle.

The Battle of Arnhem anniversary

November 30, -0001 - The Battle Arnhem. British airborne troops were dropped at Arnhem in the doomed 'Operation Market Garden'. The aim was to capture three bridges over Dutch rivers, outflanking the German defensive line, but the mission was a failure

The failure of Operation ‘Market Garden’ is seen as one of history’s most far-reaching disasters. The plan – to establish a bridgehead over the Rhine for an Allied invasion of Germany to end the war – was riddled with muddle and misjudgement. Poor radio communications, confusion about German strengths, landing zones up to six miles from the target and inability to land troops on the same day meant the vital element of surprise was lost. If the Allies had reached Berlin before the Russians, the history of Europe and the Cold War could have been very different

Of 11,920 men who took part in the Battle of Arnhem, 1,485 were killed in action, 6,525 were captured or escaped and 3,910 were safely evacuated

PUBLISHED: 12/9/1994; STORY: Graphic News