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 Trump’s mega-reiche Geldgeber infographic
Graphic zeigt die multi-millionen Spenden für Donald Trumps Wahlkampagne.


Trumps mega-reiche Geldgeber sammeln $50.5 Millionen

By Duncan Mil

April 29, 2024 - Reiche Verbündete des republikanischen Präsidentschaftskandidaten Donald Trump haben gemeinsam mehr als $50 Millionen aufgebracht um seine Kandidatur gegen den demokratischen Amtsinhaber Joe Biden zu unterstützen.

Timothy Mellon, an 81-year-old heir of the Pittsburgh-based Mellon banking family, now is the largest single donor to political action committees (PACs) backing not one but two presidential candidates: Donald Trump and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

As the political landscape continues to shift, polls suggest that Kennedy’s presence on the ballot could potentially disrupt the status quo, taking votes from both Biden and Trump in November’s election.

Mellon hails from one of the best-known philanthropic families in the U.S., one with long-standing ties to the Kennedys. Heirs to a significant banking fortune, Forbes estimates that the Mellon family is worth $14.1 billion.

PUBLISHED: 29/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images