80% der GHG Emissionen stammen von 57 Unternehmen infographic
Graphic shows sources of GHG emissions.


Achtzig Prozent der GHG Emissionen stammen von 57 Unternehmen

By Phil Bainbridge

April 4, 2024 - Gerade 57 Firmen staatlich kontrollierte Firmen oder im Besitz von Aktionären sind verantwortlich für 80% der globalen Kohlendioxid-Emissionen seitdem das Pariser Klima Abkommen 2016 beschlossen wurde.

Studies by the Carbon Majors Database show that 122 of the world’s largest oil, gas, coal and cement producers have been responsible for 72% of global fossil fuel and cement carbon dioxide emissions since the Industrial Revolution.

Since the Paris Climate Agreement was adopted, the 117 entities still in existence have emitted 251 Gigatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent, over 88% of total emissions in that time, with 80% of that produced by just 57 state-controlled and private sector organisations.

PUBLISHED: 04/04/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Getty Images