Magura V5 Seedrohnen infographic
Graphic zeigt die Spezifikation der Magura V5 Drohne und die russischen Schiffe, die damit versenkt worden sind.


Ukraine verstärkt Einsatz von "Kamikaze" Seedrohnen

By Jordi Bou

March 14, 2024 - Kiew verstärkt seine Angriffe auf russische Kriegsschiffe mit dem Einsatz von lokal produzierten Seedrohnen, die bereits Moskaus Marinekompetez im Schwarzen Meer zu lähmen beginnt.

The Magura V5, named after a Slavic goddess of war, has a range is 800km, so it can easily reach the Crimean peninsula and even the Russian coastline. It can allegedly carry 350kg of payload, enough to sink a warship.

The Magura drone can sail up to 78km/h. Thanks to its speed and size – 5.5m long – it's hard to spot, especially among the waves at night.

The hydrodynamic hull and sleek profile allow the drone to move secretly, making it easy to launch from any remote location.

There is another advantage of the Magura. They do not require a complex infrastructure to launch. The control panel of this marine drone looks quite compact, no larger than a modern laptop.

Sea drones are proving difficult to stop, specially when launched as swarm to overwhelm the ship's defences.

In the latest reported strike, Ukrainian naval drones attacked the Sergei Kotov patrol ship near the Kerch Strait, according to the Ukraine's military intelligence agency.

In February, drones sank Russia's Caesar Kunikov amphibious landing ship and Ivanovets missile corvette.

PUBLISHED: 14/03/2024; STORY: Graphic News; PICTURES: Ministry of Defence of Ukraine